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Our work


We have an extensive track record of successfully finalising managerial cases.  In a personal meeting, we would be glad to inform a prospect more extensively about some of our relevant recent success stories (while respecting the privacy of our clients). We can also provide references at that point. Some of our achievements:


  • We directed the transformation of a renowned international private education institute to secure its privacy compliance and excel its operations.
  • We professionalised the IT-department of a renowned European broker of life-critical information.
  • We made the primary process lean and secured continuous improvement of a national institute for social benefits.
  • We sustainably increased the performance of the business (support) units of an international industrial manufacturer.
  • We implemented a quality management system for an innovative broker, made its organisation lean and prepared its quality certification.
  • We structurally increased the financial performance of an international producer and broker of intellectual properties.
  • We secured the business continuity of the IT-department of a manufacturer of custom solutions (smart devices).
  • We introduced (lean) management methods at a renowned national consumer organisation.
  • We coached the management of a major content creator and mass distributor to improve its organisational performance.
  • We assisted a large international IT-provider with entering a new market region.
  • We redesigned the service catalogue of a specialised international market leader, revised its business plan and positively changed the organisation accordingly.
  • We designed and launched a new business service of a national full-service IT-provider.
  • We co-designed and implemented a new core service and prepared business extensions of a renowned international provider of financial services.
  • We designed and launched an innovative expertise centre of a provider of professional services.

Management products

We have delivered countless engaging advisory reports and presentations to the concerned managers. These one-off products have raised awareness, encouraged involvement, further increased commitment and (re)activated stakeholders to provide their input and actual support.

Besides having delivered these one-off products, we have helped our clients with revising or co-creating tangible management products. Together with the stakeholders, we have first tailored the selection of these products to fit the goal and scope of the assignment. The most popular types of management products we have delivered:


  • Strategy & policy statements
  • Service descriptions (with underlying business model canvas, value streams, process descriptions, underpinning contracts, cost allocation-based pricing model, SLA-template and releases of knowledge base updates e.g.)
  • Service portfolios (containing the publicly shared business details and privately kept technical details of each service)
  • Project briefs/ plans and overall project roadmaps
  • Administrative solutions (incl. data migration, interfacing & contracted maintenance)
  • Availability of skilled floor walkers (to support implementation)
  • HRM-related deliverables: organisational charts, function descriptions, role-based (authorisation) matrices, codes of conduct, remuneration policies, human capacity plans, human resource allocations, professional development programs (incl. coaching, training, certification, systematic job rotation and peer reviews), communication campaigns
  • Management document templates (reports, checklists and other forms e.g.)
  • Management dashboards (selection, specification and visual design of KPI’s, availability of reliable data sources)
  • Periodic audits (incl. their specification and assessment)
  • Financial deliverables: turnover forecast and (CAPEX & OPEX) budget plans

Feedback we received from our clients and other stakeholders 

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