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About us

At our firm, we help solve your critical managerial challenges, while you focus on your core business. Therefore, we are your one-stop shop for managerial services and a provider of total management solutions (tailored combinations of managerial services).

We function as a strategic partner for clients who rather single-source management services than oversee (procure, onboard, direct and keep aligned) different providers.


Since 2007, our mission has always been to help our clients excel at sustainably delighting their stakeholders.


We help ambitious leaders thrive professionally by helping them solve managerial challenges that are critical to their organisations, departments and teams. Of the many subject areas we address within our field, we deal mostly with tactical and strategic management of:

Unique selling point

In contrast to larger firms, ours suffers no internal pressure to sell you more. Instead, we focus on what delights our clients: delivery of quality. We openly offer exceptional quality standards. They are what our clients and partners expect from us and certainly know us for. Being this clear about what we stand for differentiates us from our direct competitors.


From inception, we have been constantly expanding our reach by building and managing professional relationships. We are an active part of a symbiotic network of loosely coupled peers, who each have a specific managerial field of expertise. Depending on the case, we assemble a high performing team from our (partnering) professionals.

Entry-level profile of our professionals
Following characteristics are synonymous with our firm and thus apply to each professional of our team:

  • shares our quality standards,
  • is a proven entrepreneur,
  • achieved verified success with servicing managers at tactical and strategic levels within competitive environments,
  • is a convincing senior having:
    • a seasoned personality (which is matured by intense life experience) and
    • built a longstanding track record (which demonstrates a cohesive mix of intrinsic managerial traits within any setting),
  • has finalized management (related) education at least at the bachelor level,
  • masters a large toolbox of relevant best practices (and thus has an accurate sense of when to apply and not apply such standards),
  • has an insatiable craving for professional learning and growth (is receptive to feedback, keeps one’s knowledge up-to-date and desires to understand the inner works of managerial enigmas),
  • masters interpersonal skills sufficiently to smoothly integrate into professional teams at any hierarchical layer and intensively collaborate with constructive professionals having any common personality type,
  • speaks and writes English and Dutch and
  • is willing to operate within our geographical area of operation.

Founding director

From 1996, the founding director has been an (inter)nationally oriented management consultant and project manager, specialising in business transformation and IT-alignment. His professional education includes: BBA (cum laude), MBA, lean six sigma black belt, operational excellence (EFQM assessor), QM (ISO 9000 lead auditor), service management (ITIL leergang), PM (Prince2 expert), agile (scrum master), GDPR (CIPP/E).


It is our tradition to recruit independent professionals (for collaboration in our assignments), preferably via our network. This sourcing channel helps our firm to validate their professionalism and enables us to recommend them for their professional contributions. At the moment, we do not hire professionals for employment directly.


Though we are an independent entity, we value our ecosystem of trusted partners with whom we mutually:

  • share professional knowledge and insights (while remaining discreet about the identity of organisations and individual contacts),
  • introduce contacts from our network (e.g., refer clients), after everyone’s permission and,
  • collaborate to share capacity, optionally with rebranding the subcontractor’s private label (so it matches the identity of the prime contractor).

We are also open to partnerships with other organisations and independent professionals, who follow quality standards that match ours. Please, contact us if you are interested in freely exploring such partnership with us and/or in learning more about our referral program.

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