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Benefits of outsourcing to us

Directing clients can focus on running the core business by outsourcing the delivery of managerial services to us, all with more reliable quality, clearer accountability and more financial transparency. With unparalleled flexibility clients can use our services, when and as long as this is sufficiently valuable for them; not earlier, later, shorter or longerSuch outsourcing provides clients also other benefits:

    Start sooner

    In a continuously changing world where time to market is essential organizations have to act fast. Sourcing externally can be the fastest option then. When a client is temporarily short on managerial capacity, our services may be available on-demand and thus help to reap (sustainable) benefits earlier.

    Add speed

    Since we remain on top of things and we actually get things done, we introduce a contagious productive energy at our clients. Our involvement stimulates our clients to temporarily break free from their demanding hectic daily routines while keeping up with the firm pace of the assignment. This helps clients to gain momentum and thus reap (sustainable) benefits earlier.

    Connect contacts

    Being positioned as an external facilitator, we (informally and discretely) act as a proxy between individual stakeholders. This allows us to introduce, intensify or revive constructive relations between stakeholders and to (re)gain their commitment. Having actively built a large (in)formal network enables us also to (after everyone’s permission) introduce contacts to each other from different sectors, disciplines and seniority levels.

    Profound experience

    We master the tricks of the trade and are capable to benchmark cases, having repeatedly solved reasonably comparable cases at similar organizations. Having exposed business risks and opportunities of countless cases firsthand allows us to get the right things done faster with less effort and with higher quality.

    Broad experience

    We offer our services in different sectors and for a wide range of functional disciplines, especially: marketing, sales, purchasing, quality, finance, human resources and IT. This managerial versatility allows us to use and combine the best of these different worlds and enables us to offer a refreshing holistic view and lean approach.


    We recognize, but are not conditioned by the organizational habits of our clients and behavioral patterns of our contacts. As an independent outsider we are less dependent on office politics and power dynamics within organizations of our clients. This enables us to provide neutral observations, refreshing views, objective advice and unbiased second opinions.

    Our quality of service


    We recognize that sustainable customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to our commercial existence. Hence, we are committed to consistently comply to following quality standards for our services:

    Economic We offer our services at reasonable conditions (for example regarding availability, responsiveness and continuity).
    Transparent We continuously manage expectations from our clients because we nurture the long-standing relations with these clients and believe that transparency is the most sustainable for everyone. This also means that we offer our services with the most value for money, not necessarily lowest price. Furthermore, we constructively challenge our clients with any relevant topic, including controversial and/ or delicate ones.
    Sustainable Besides offering our clients short term relief from managerial workarounds, we also recommend more solid solutions to our clients. In the interest of our clients, we help them to asap become and remain independent from providers like us.
    Flexible We are both analytical, thorough, systematic on the one hand AND emphatic, entrepreneurial, innovative on the other hand. Though these extremes seemingly contradict, we combine the best of both worlds and adaptively use this powerful bi-modality.
    Expeditious We act swiftly, naturally also after organizing introductions and intakes.

    We intentionally maximize our customer value, for example by:

    • contributing to the professional development of our clients’ employees whenever reasonably possible during their involvement in our assignments,
    • spontaneously pointing out hidden business risks (also outside the scope of our assignments) and
    • shared knowledge crunching, collective learning and joint scanning of business opportunities.
    Managed quality

    We control and assure the quality of our services, for example by:

    • offering our clients (besides the operational connections with our professionals) a managerial single point of contact who is responsible especially for sustainable customer satisfaction,
    • explicitly securing a constructive feedback loop with our clients, monitoring their satisfaction and following up on this most appreciated feedback,
    • internally organizing structured forms of reflection (for example via coaching, peer reviews and independent intervision) and
    • systematically applying relevant standards (such as this competency framework of the renowned International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) and (tailored) managerial best practices and
    • deploying only absolute professionals, either individually or as a high performing team.


    Our approach

    Pre-contractual sales phase

    Before we make an actual offer to a prospect, we arrange an introduction in order to:

    • personally introduce and present ourselves,
    • determine the mutual match between the prospect and our firm and
    • discuss the terms of the selected services, including their intake.

    Post-contractual delivery phase

    • After a written agreement and during the actual intake, we begin applying our professional expertise: We confidentially discuss the contents of the particular case, including the background, goal, business case, strategic relevance/ alignment, urgency, scope, stakeholders, assumptions (such as dependencies), approach, controllable risks and working (sub) title.
    • In consultation with the client, we identify, analyze and involve the stakeholders (like customer representatives) to help secure their commitment.
    • As planned and agreed, we execute the rest of the case-specific assignment while we make sure the stakeholders remain ‘on board’.
    • After our handover, we evaluate the assignment with the client and follow up on the received feedback.

    Service portfolio

    We provide following services (either combined as a total solution or individually) to solve managerial challenges of our clients:


    Ad interim management

    We help to assure the continuity of daily business and ongoing operations of an organization, department or team. During a limited period agreed in advance and while reporting regularly, we fulfill specific managerial responsibilities. As a temporary deputy, we act (assure and control) by virtue of a formalized mandate. The duties may include helping with recruiting and onboarding a replacing employee for a permanent position. As an authorized manager, we also help launch or dissolve (partial) departments or teams on behalf of our clients. We provide this particular service exclusively at a level which is non-statutory and does not define policies.



    Internal, in-house or first-party audits are conducted by or on behalf of the client. They provide most benefits of external audits but also serve as discrete ‘test drives’ for (more expensive) external audits. In other words, internal audits provide peace-of-mind about how to increase the probability of passing external audits.

    We help with leading internal audits of quality management systems, in order to help clients sustainably:

    • secure and increase prospect-satisfaction (lead-conversion) and
    • achieve and maintain customer-delight.

    We also help with actually conducting such audits using industry generic standards provided the auditing professionals are qualified (e.g. not also somehow involved with the management and/ or operations of the auditee).

    Furthermore, we help with introducing or further professionalizing:

    • audit services (periodically conducted audits) and
    • audit programs (limited series of audits).

    Business mediation

    We facilitated countless negotiations and often represented either side of the ‘table’. This allows us to constructively act as a mediator between organizations and/ or individual professionals during their negotiations of mutually beneficial agreements. Being an independent neutral outsider, we secure an objective, transparent and lean negotiation process. Negotiating via an unbiased external proxy assures discretion. It also helps parties to objectively identify scenarios and to impartially select the scenario which is optimal for the specific circumstances of all parties. We also act particularly as a broker (i.e. helping with reaching agreements specifically between clients and suppliers).

    One or both parties may perceive a business or professional conflict between them which blocks negotiations. In these cases, involving an intermediary may be voluntary or compulsory (by contract or regulations). We help also as an intermediary with (preparing) settlement of a resolution outside court.

    Disputing parties may, prior to negotiations, opt to use us also as an arbiter. Our arbitration award then becomes final and binding for both parties, if negotiation fails. This allows parties a shared control over the selection of the arbiter, while otherwise a court would appoint a judge.


    Management coaching

    Even the most experienced managers sometimes struggle with situational demands. To achieve one’s personal goals more effectively and efficiently, one may seek guidance from an independent senior. Similarly, a professional can gain insight via a coach on how to independently continue and speed up one’s professional growth. As a coach, we help managers to fully understand, use and grow their managerial potential. Such growth may be self-initiated by a coachee and/ or encouraged by the coachee’s manager, for example when sufficient onboarding and/ or training may be impossible in time.

    Coaching involves more than describing classification methods and giving instructions to apply them to one’s personality or behavior. We coach by first organizing an intake to gain clarity on the coachee’s personal motivation, professional goal and bottlenecks. Next, we propose, agree and follow a personalized plan, describing the approach for the recurring and/ or ad hoc one-on-one sessions with the coachee.

    The aforementioned approach may include: building mutual trust, encouraging meta-communication, helping observe one’s situation, reflecting on one’s behavior for mindful assessment, raising awareness using thought-provoking creativity, inspiring to gain constructive insights, exploring alternative scenarios, illustrating by example, suggesting to experiment with other methods and/ or tools, guiding with improving one’s situation and eliciting coachee-generated paths of self-development.


    Management consulting

    We help to solve complex, large and/ or unique managerial cases. These cases encompass sustainably introducing or further professionalizing management systems (for projects or audits for example). After the intake and iteratively, we execute every stage of managerial improvements:

    1. Merely documenting (measuring and/ or otherwise describing) the current organizational situation (based on assessments of managerial records and interviews of stakeholders for example),
    2. Diagnosing the (documented) situation and recommending concrete interventions to sustainably improve it,
    3. Realizing actionable management products (revising with input from the stakeholders or co-creating together with the stakeholders) and
    4. Actually helping the stakeholders with practically implementing the realized management products and securing the sustainable embedding (incl. evaluation) of those products within the organization.

    Management training

    As a broker, we help with specification, selection and procurement of off-the-shelf management courses (with optional preparation for certification exams) from renowned sources. Designed to meet your needs and specificaly for the target audience, we give also custom-made management training and speeches. This includes everything, from doing a proper intake, collecting and processing latest insights and further synchronizing contents with the other speakers (if any), helping to promote the event, creating the presentation, attending the event till executing post-event activities. During the intake we propose a didactic method which ensures sustainable transfer of knowledge and development of professional competency. We can provide this service in-house (on-site at a client’s office) or at a specialized location elsewhere.


    Project management

    When a client has a mandate for an individual project, we help facilitate the rest of the project life cycle. After the intake and based on the information we collect, we iterate a structured project plan/ brief. We do so together with the stakeholders (individually and/ or collectively) to ensure their commitment. We also help with selecting a methodology (like waterfall or agile) which suites the nature of the case. The steps in the plan may include: specifying scenarios (each with a unique result and business case) and selecting one of these scenarios for further planning and actual implementation. During gate-funded execution of the project, we:

    • periodically report the status to stakeholders and evaluate the plan with them and
    • actively monitor and control project risks and opportunities.

    Besides managing individual projects, we also help with introducing or further professionalizing sustainable project management services, for example of project management offices.