We provide managerial services for a wide range of functional disciplines, such as: marketing, communications, sales, purchasing, quality, finance, human resources and IT (infrastructure). Our refreshing view is partly due to our diverse portfolio of assignments from different types of clients and allows us to deliver our services, both effectively and efficiently. At reasonable fees, we independently provide following services:

Ad interim management

We help assuring the continuity of the daily business of our clients, when they are temporary short on managerial capacity. During a limited period agreed in advance and while reporting regularly, we fulfill specific managerial responsibilities to help assure ongoing operations of an organisation or department. As a temporary deputy, we act (assure and control) by virtue of a formalized mandate. If relevant, the duties may include helping with recruiting and onboarding a replacing employee for a permanent position. As an authorized manager, we can also help set up or dissolve (partial) departments of our clients. This particular service is provided exclusively at non statutory and non policy defining level.

Management coaching

To achieve one’s personal goals more effectively and efficiently, one may seek the guidance from an independent senior. Similarly, a professional can gain insight via a coach on how to independently continue and speed up one’s professional growth. We help managers to fully understand, use and grow their managerial potential. Such growth may be self initiated by a coachee and/ or encouraged by the coachee’s manager, for example when onboarding and training is considered to be insufficiently effective and/ or efficient.

Coaching involves more then explaining personality classification methods and giving instructions to apply them. We coach by first gaining clarity on the coachee’s personal motivation, professional goals and bottlenecks. Next, we follow a personalised approach, during recurring and/ or ad hoc one-on-one sessions with the coachee. This approach may include: building mutual trust, encouraging metacommunication, helping observe one’s situation, reflecting one’s behaviour for mindful assessment, raising awareness using thought-provoking creativity, inspiring to gain constructive insights, exploring alternative scenarios, illustrating by example, suggesting to experiment with other methods and/ or tools, guiding with improving one’s situation and eliciting coachee-generated paths of self development.

Management consulting

When clients have insufficient managerial capacity and/ or expertise, we help them with solving complex, large and/ or unique managerial cases.

Our experts master the tricks of the trade, having successfully solved numerous managerial challenges for our clients and having professionally applied (tailored) best practices for change managementcountless timesTheir extensive experience with relevant cases at similar organisations helps them to get things done more quickly and/ or with higher quality.

Making an ambitious plan with our experts and arranging the prerequisites for execution, forces a client to break free from the demanding hectic of daily routines and to secure momentum for changes.

Our experts are not conditioned by organisational habits from their clients. Being independent, they are able to provide refreshing views, objective advice and unbiased second opinions.

Being positioned as a neutral facilitator of changes, our experts also act as a discreet proxy between individual stakeholders. This allows them to introduce, intensify or revive constructive relations between stakeholders and thus to (re)gain momentum for changes.

This service covers the entire spectrum of management consulting from:

  1. merely describing and diagnosing current organisational situations till,
  2. analysing and recommending how to improve such situations till,
  3. actually helping with implementation of our recommendations.

In typical cases, first we help with strategically redefining ex- and/ or internal services of our clients. Next, we help with tactically redesigning these services, while keeping value streams both agile and stable. Finally, we help with sustainably embedding the selected changes into the organisation. Naturally, this is an iterative process, executed with carefully identified stakeholders.

To deliver a high and consistent quality of management consultancy, we follow this iterative procedure, as described by this (inter)nationally recognized trade organisation for management consultants: