Privacy Statement


This privacy statements applies to dataprocessing directly related to our domain name(s). Please, check the privacy policies of social media platforms and other third party websites on which we may be present and/ or active online.

Purpose, type and retention period

The purpose and type of processing and the retention period of (persistent) cookies are described for each category of cookies. Please, click ‘Cookie settings’ on any page footer to read those descriptions.
We process website traffic data (with and without cookies) to:

  • avoid or limit spam and security risks (including threats from malicious activities from hackers) and
  • anonymously research & develop business.

Data submitted via forms on this website may be used occasionally also for (direct) marketing purposes, unless the data subject explicitly mentions in the submitted data to not consent with this purpose.

Data we process

We monitor, store, analyse and/ or otherwise proces only non sensitive/ non special personal data. This data is:

  • generated by users trafficking this website (including IP-numbers, http headers and other ‘fingerprint‘ data) and
  • explicitly submitted by users via:
    • (login, account registration and contact) forms on this website and
    • emails (i.e. incl. their attachments).

Who has access

Parties who have full or partial access to the data:

  • from our organization, only the webmaster of this website,
  • the external hoster and
  • an external threat detection service (of which the name can not be disclosed on this public website for security reasons) and
  • third parties, whenever this is legally obligatory.

Fundamental rights of data subjects

Users can at any time exercise these privacy rights, concerning the processing of their personal data. Only data we are obliged to keep (for legal or security purposes) can not be deleted before the legal retention period. Only for technical reasons, an user with a registered account can not change the username of the account. Please, contact us via our contact form, if you would like to exercise your privacy rights concerning the processing of your personal data.

Data security

As we take data privacy seriously, we have taken various organizational and technical measures to secure the data we process.

Data breach procedure

Please, asap call our Data Protection Officer (via the phone number mentioned on our contact page) to report a (possible and/ or near) data breach. Additionally, instantly report the breach via the form on aforementioned page and next check your reception of our confirmation mail. Please, include in the report a secure reference to a copy of your ID and as much details about the breach as possible and in a separate message provide us with the login credentials to access this privacy sensitive data.