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By visiting this website or otherwise accessing its content, the visitor unconditionally accepts these website terms. These terms may change any time without notice.

General terms & conditions

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers from and (unless agreed otherwise in writing) agreements with us. They are publicly deposited (at the Chamber of Commerce on 13-02-2018 nr. 40532081 ref. KvK02/1651641). The footer of each webpage on this website contains a reference to these General Terms & Conditions.


Registered users are required to keep their login credentials of this website somewhere safe and are not allowed to share them. Our privacy statement is published here and describes how we process personal data from data subjects (such as visitors of this website).


We endeavour to use respectful (i.e. non-discriminatory) language. However, any gender-specific denominators are for reasons of linguistic simplicity only and not intended to denote gender-specific differences.

No rights can be derived from contents published on this website or in its outbound emails (i.e. send from mailboxes on the domain of this website). The owner of this website is not liable for:

  • the (accurateness and/or completeness of) content:
    • on this website (published by the website owner or third parties) or
    • in its outbound emails and
  • references (such as hyperlinks on other websites) to this website.
  • any (in)direct consequences of using the contents published on this website or in its outbound emails.

Users of this website may use this content only at their own risk. The owner of this website does not guarantee service (levels) of this website: Availability (including technical responsiveness/ performance, continuity and data integrity) of this website is subject to (un)announced maintenance of this website.

All rights reserved

The owner of this website reserves all rights. This includes the right to add, change or delete user accounts/ privileges and content published on this website at any time without notification before and/or after. This right applies also to these terms, which thus are subject to changes without notice. The owner also remains the right to (e.g. in case of violation of our general and/or website terms):

  • temporary kick visitors,
  • permanently ban them from access or
  • delete their user account.

Intellectual property rights

Media (like audio, pictures, photos and videos) and fonts we use on this website or content in its outbound emails we did NOT create ourselves, are owned by their intellectual owners. Copyright on other content (published on this website or in its outbound emails) is vested in the owner of this website or its licencors, unless stated otherwise.
Without written approval of the copyright holder, no content (published on this website or in its outbound emails) maybe reproduced and distributed in any form for any (non)commercial purpose.
Our (domain)name and/or logo may be published, under the condition that the publisher:

  • pro-actively informs the owner of this website in writing and
  • adds a link to the homepage of this website.

By submitting content on this website other than via the contact form, the submitter grants permission to publicly share that content or any changed version of it.

Outbound emails

The content of electronic mail (including any attachments) is privileged, proprietary, private and confidential, and exclusively intended for addressee(s). Please, DO NOT distribute electronic mail addresses to any third parties without the written permission from the sender. Should you receive electronic mail by mistake, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, reproduction, copying, distribution, other dissemination, use or taking any action in reliance on the contents or any part thereof is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Please inform the sender immediately and then delete the electronic mail from your system without opening or copying its content.
The sender is not liable for the proper and complete transmission and integrity of electronic mail nor for any delay in its receipt. No legal consequences can be derived from electronic mail neither is the sender committed to it. If verification is required, please request a signed hard copy. The sender accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the use and/or acceptation of the content of electronic mail. Always scan electronic mail and its (password-protected) attachments for viruses, vandals and other malicious content before opening them. Please, inform the sender immediately, if you encounter such content.